Cleveland Hunting Rifle and Pistol Club

Greetings club members,

Club meetings have been canceled for the remainder of this year, except the November 2nd and the December 7th meetings . The November 2nd meeting will include Nominations for 2022 club officers. The December 7th meeting will include election for 2022 officers.

There are no health professionals on the executive committee at our club.  Each member is responsible for his or her own actions including whatever is necessary to protect yourself from disease when visiting the club.

Visit the TN Health Department website for current guidelines.

If you an at risk person please consult with your doctor about guideline to use when in public and attending meetings.

Members should check the calendar on the club website to keep up with current events

Club Membership is Currently Closed

The Cleveland Hunting Rifle and Pistol Club have instituted a waiting list for future members that are sponsored by current members.